A little about us

A little about us…

One of my absolute favorite things to do is curl up in bed on a foggy Bay Area morning with a cup of coffee and read about traveling to far away places. Of course, only to be beat by actually going to all the fun places. Unfortunately, though, we don’t get to run off for months on end. We have to fit our trips into all the other to do’s on our calendar.

Thankfully I like a challenge though. Planning and researching have always been a huge part of the fun for me. I know this is not the same for everybody. For some just the thought of picking a hotel or figuring out transportation is enough to throw your whole dream vacation out. So I’m here and happy to share all my research and experiences with you. This is why I created The Traveling Homebody. It just made sense to start compiling all our experiences and information into one place to share what we’ve learned and inspire others when the getaway bug bites. Destinations, Travel Hacks, Packing Tips and Places to Try. It’s all here. We are also VERY budget conscious. Sure, we like to do a few luxury things occasionally but for the most part we like to do things a little more simply.

The Traveling Homebody is for the avid but occasional traveler. Planning the long weekend getaway or just trying to maximize what vacation days you have left. It’s about how to get the most out of every excursion, no matter how long the adventure is.